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"I'm happy that I look how I do now.  I hardly recognized myself in this picture (before photo).  When I was in elementary school and middle school, kids would call me Captain Hook or velociraptor, and eventually it got under my skin.  Post surgery, it's been no nicknames... I even model for the Art Department at my college. I've noticed a difference in my confidence and my self- esteem.   I would recommend  Dr. Guida to anyone who asks."

The rhinoplasty (nose job) operation is a highly individualized and specifically customized procedure.  Each patient desiring this operation has her or his own unique anatomy. More importantly, each patient has their own specific desires and goals in mind, which may be different from what the surgeon envisions. Therefore, it is essential that the surgeon recognizes the nuances of the anatomic differences among patients.  Additionally, the surgeon must listen to the patient's wishes and goals, often during more than one consultation, and within reason, give the patient the nose that he or she desires. 

Please find images, as well as descriptions of a variety of male and female rhinoplasties that Dr. Robert Guida has recently performed, under the "Patient Stories" section of this website.  Each patient had specifically different anatomic features which required customized surgical maneuvers to achieve an excellent result.  In addition to the anatomic variances, each patient had specific and individualized concerns and goals to be achieved.  It behooves the surgeon to listen carefully, ask questions, look at photos of noses that each patient likes, performing computer imaging, and developing a specific plan with each individual patient to achieve his or her cosmetic goal.

It is important to understand that achieving the kind of results in this gallery, where each nose is specifically customized,  requires years of experience, technical skill, and performing each operation thoughtfully and carefully.  Rhinoplasty surgery must be "tailor made" to fit each individual face.  It is not a "cookie cutter" assembly line type of operation. Rhinoplasty surgery requires extreme skill, years of thoughtful experience, and a caring physician.  These qualities are what Dr. Guida feels allow him to obtain such positive results with his realistic rhinoplasty, and revision rhinoplasty techniques.  


Realistic Rhinoplasty in New York

"The reason I had to get my rhinoplasty and septoplasty done was because I broke my nose as a little kid.  As years went by, it was just growing more and more crooked.  And especially being (like) a teenage girl in high school, everything is about looks.  And it does make you feel weird." 

​(After surgery)- "I just feel comfortable all around, also my breathing is better, but looks-wise I just have a higher level of confidence."

In addition to Realistic Rhinoplasties, Dr. Guida often performs septoplasties (deviated septum surgery), or Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, all in the same procedure. For ENT Image Guided Surgery, Dr. Guida uses the assistance of a Fusion machine.  Image- guided systems are essentially like GPS systems for the anatomy of your head. These systems are used to aid the surgeon in confirming the location of critical structures within the interior of the nose and sinus cavity. For more information regarding these specific and highly customized surgeries, click here.  

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